How to order

How to order

Premium starter kit

Yayyyyyyy! You are thinking of joining Young Living. I’m so excited for you, as these little bottles have really changed our life for the better!

Firstly I want to say that you are not signing your life away & you will never be pressured to buy again or sell oils. I want you to use your oils & I’m confident that you will fall in love with them, but there will never be any pressure to do anything you do not want. That is not my style or Young Livings. I do want to support you on your oily journey & am always happy to help answer questions & educate on the oils you have purchased, but most importantly I want you to enjoy them!

By signing up with me, you will also have access to the Essential Families team website & Facebook groups, where we can ask questions & share testimonials, plus there are monthly continuing education classes too.

Steps to purchase a Premium Starter Kit

Firstly click here, then go through the following steps

  1. Make sure Member is selected (not retail). By becoming a member you can purchase the Starter Kit & receive wholesale pricing, which is 24% off retail prices.
    Remember that you will never be required to sell or place monthly orders. To keep your member account active, you only need to place a £35 order once a year.
  2. Make sure the country & language is selected correctly. My member number should be entered, but if not please put 2234591 for both the sponsor & enroller numbers.
  3. Fill in the membership details & tick agree to the terms & conditions. Although much of it is written as if you will be running a business, please be assured that there is no pressure ever to do the business side of things. Of course the opportunity is there for those that do wish to take it.
  4. Select the Premium Starter Kit, as this gives you most value with the diffuser, 11 oils & various samples & accessories.
  5. If you would like, you can choose to sign up for Essential Rewards at this point. This is the monthly auto-ship programme that gives you discounted shipping rates & you earn points to cash in for free products. There are also monthly promotional deals too, where you can get further free products. You can choose your own different products each month, choose & change which date it processes each month, take a grace month each year & cancel at any time.
    You do not need to sign up for Essential Rewards though, so just leave that box un-ticked & go to the next page.
    If after you have used you oils for awhile & want to start replacing them or trying any of the other wonderful oils or products, contact me to discuss, if it might be worth you signing up then.
  6. Select your shipping option & payment details & continue to the check out page.