Both our pregnant Dexter cows gave birth last week, with no issues.

First it was Moonshine on Tuesday, who had a very friendly & inquisitive little girl we have named Luna.

moonycalf 1


Although she is now a bit more nervous around us, in those first few days she was very chilled & curious…..hence this picture of her coming to sniff my camera!

Then on Friday, with no obvious signs of imminent birth, Holly gave birth to another little girl. Margot found them on her usual morning rounds & the baby was still all wet & lying on the floor. A few hours later when I went to get these pictures, then Holly still had the afterbirth dangling from her. It was quite fascinating to watch as she danced round & round, getting cross with it (as it had dropped lower, when she stood up to come to me). She circled several times, until she managed to get a front hoof on it & pulled it out of herself…..then promptly ate it.
This little girl is much more cautious, but has already gone missing on Saturday, when she escaped under an electric fence. It took 4 of us about an hour of searching to try & find her, with Holly bellowing loudly in the background! Luckily all was fine, but these calves could win any game of Hide & Seek, as they really do disappear into bushes & long grass.