I have finally finished my Persian Tiles crochet blanket!! I’m so happy as this was a real labour of love, especially all those ends to be worked in, joining it & working with so much black! It was worth it though.
The pattern is by Janie Crow & is available on it’s own, or in kits with set colours. Me being me, I chose to go my own way with just the pattern (which is a proper printed booklet, with loads of pictures) & found a way to do a rainbow version!

PT flat
I think this is the most intense crochet project I have ever made & gave up counting how long it has taken, when I got to over 100 hours. I have always avoided projects that needed lots of joining, but I kept seeing gorgeous Persian Tiles in various Facebook crochet groups & fell in love with the pattern & bought it quickly. I just couldn’t resist!
I started it at the end of January, so that’s nearly 3 months of hard work. It has been on holiday with us, to essential oil training weekends, home educations groups, to many community meetings, doctors appointments, family visits……basically, like most of my crochet projects, it got taken everywhere with me, just looking for a few minutes here & there that I could steal to get a few more stitches done.

Chilling in the evening at our mini Centre Parcs holiday in February, after a busy day swimming, badminton & playing in the woods. 

I had to play Doctor and do some open heart surgery on the very first octagon, as I changed my mind on the colours of the centre, which was a bit nerve racking, but turned out well. The patient survived!


PT oli wearingI started out planning to make it the standard square 16 octagons, but as I was playing with left over stash yarn I realised that I had gaps in my rainbow idea, so it grew to 24 octagons & is about the size of a single bed sheet now. I think I counted 50 different colours, not including the blacks, greys & whites. Almost all of it was done with Stylecraft yarn, left over from 3 previous rainbow blanket projects. I got the blacks, greys & whites from the awesome Wool Warehouse, as they always have quick shipping, good prices & send your order in cool large organza bags, that make great project or gift bags.

For joining it, I played around with several different methods, but preferred to do a single crochet (US terms) through the back loops, as this gave a slightly flatter join, but with nice parallel lines round the octagons that I liked. Joining it was tricky as my youngest son has fallen in love with it & kept stealing it……especially when he decided it made a nice T-shirt while partially joined!






I wasn’t too keen on the official border, so again played around with a few options & decided to go with simple round of single crochet in black, greys & then a round of half double crochet, single round of white, then black & then finished it off with a black crab stitch round. I preferred the more solid edge, as my boys can be quite rough when playing with blankets (you know, when they are forts, or tortoise shells, or prisons, or super hero capes etc) & I was already worried about the amount of holes in this one & wanted to limit the potential damage if possible.

Anyway, I’ll stop wittering on & give you some more pictures, which is what you likely want…..
PT corner outside

PT flat flower corner

PT corner inside

The animals seem to like it too. This is Toby, our almost 8 month old Labrador. When I originally took it outside to try & grab a few pictures, he was jumping on it & could not understand that I wasn’t lying it down as a comfy bed for him!

PT toby

When I gave up & took it upstairs to try & get some pictures on the bed, Odin, our Norwegian Forest cat decided that I must have laid it out for him. He is such a poser though, that I forgave him!

PT odin