What are Essential Oils & how I got started

by Feb 17, 2016Essential Oils

Essential oils…..Oh, how I love my little bottles of natural goodness!Premium starter kit

I fully jumped into the oily world in November 2014, when I purchased Young Livings Premium Starter Kit through my friend Lucy. I attended one of her Facebook classes & Lucy’s enthusiasm was contagious even through the screen of my laptop. I talked Matt into spending the money on a kit, as it seemed it might have many uses for all of the family.

If I remember rightly he agreed…..while rolling his eyes at yet another faddy thing I would likely drop within a few weeks. (To be fair I do have a short attention span, but I almost always go back to things many, may times!) I thought we might get good use out of a few of the oils for sleep & immune support, but thought the rest would gather dust. Oh how wrong was I?!? In a good way of course!

Within about a week of getting our kit, we had started to use them daily for all sorts of things, from wounds, calming tantrums, removing random sticky patches, clearing bad smells, helping concentration to making natural deodorants. Of course we did get a lot of benefit from the oils to help sleep & our eldest son really responded to the emotional support oils (he is a big worrier!) & we have definitely seen a big improvement in our families immune systems since using oils regularly. In 15 months we have only had 2 lots of colds (& much milder than the people around us in the community), no stomach bugs despite lots going round & the odd sniffle has been nipped in the bud right away! Facebook has the memories app that I love checking daily & going ‘Awwwwww’ over pictures of the boys when tiny or laughing at funny moments I had forgotten, but it has also made me realise just how much illness we had before we discovered oils!

Despite hearing about the wonderful business opportunities Young Living could provide, I was adamant that I was not going to get into the selling side of things (having dabbled in a previous MLM company that just was not for me & has now closed it’s UK market). Well, the oils were giving us such fantastic results in all areas of our lives that I could not help but talk about them, in the same way you would recommend a good book, film or restaurant, & then the cheques started arriving on our doorstep! I was still adamant I was not doing a business for quite a long time, but have come to the happy, content place in my heart that I would still be sharing our amazing results even if no money was involved, so I might as well enjoy the extra money! Our big dream is for me to earn enough that Matt can quit work in the next couple of years. Quite a few members of our Essential Families team have got to this point with their Young Living business in fairly short spaces of time, so it’s not an unreasonable dream. Mostly I just want to share & help improve peoples lives with such simple & natural products.

  • What are essential oils?

In short, they are the life blood and immune response system of plants.  When extracted through careful steam distillation or cold pressing, the purest essential oils are far more powerful than the botanicals from which they were extracted.  Essential oils have a very similar makeup to our own human cells.  This allows essential oils to be easily accepted by our bodies and have a profound therapeutic effect as they move quickly through biological barriers and get into or blood stream and tissue. Different plants contain different properties that help that plant thrive in its environment.  Absorbing those properties allows us to do the same, allowing us to thrive too!  Essential oils have been around for thousands of years. Mentioned in the Bible some 200 times and in ancient medical tests; today they are fast becoming much more than the aromatherapy of the 1970’s. Science is continually discovering new multifaceted aspects of true 100% therapeutic pure essential oils.

  • What can they help with?
  1. Can help increase positive emotional states
  2. Support overall wellbeing & promote a healthy immune system
  3. May help support better digestive function
  4. Provide support for the nervous system
  5. May aid in removing toxins 
  6. Could increase your ability to absorb nutrients
  7. Help in purifying your living space
  8. Could help improve the appearance of skin
  9. Help inspire a sense of peace!

I know these descriptions may seem very vague, but in many countries essential oils are not regulated in anyway, which means we are not allowed to make health claims. This does not mean that people do not have huge successes with essential oils, just that they have to be very careful in how they word it. Because they are not regulated in many countries, it also means that a bottle can be sold & labelled as 100% pure essential oil, but there are no guarantees what else is in the bottle. Fillers, perfumes, chemicals & other oils could all be added to baulk out the possibly tiny amount of essential oil in the bottle. Which brings me on to my next point…….

  • Why Young Living?

As Young Living - Seed to Sealwell as being the highest grade possible Young Living is a world renowned company, founded over twenty years ago. Young Living are a fantastic example of an ethical international company. They grow their own plants/trees on farms all over the world with strict regulations, and they do not use chemicals or pesticides. They hand weed and use a mixture of their own essential oils as a natural pesticide! They also have an open farm policy where anyone can visit their farms to see how they operate, and even participate. I’d LOVE to visit their lavender fields one day! They use a proprietary, low-temp, low-pressure steam distillation method to produce their oils, and have in-house, as well as third-party testing in place for every batch of oils. No one else offers this standard and this is why I feel confident in using these essential oils for myself and my family For more detailed information about the Seed to Seal process see www.seedtoseal.com

  • What’s in the starter kit?

For £146.88, the Premium Starter Kit comes with all 11 oils (Thieves, frankincense, lemon, lavender, peppermint, Purification, R.C, Copabia, DiGize, PanAway & the bonus oil, Stress Away), a dewdrop diffuser, samples, roller ball attachment, catalogue and educational materials. You save over £100 when you purchase the kit as a wholesale member, compared to buying them individually at retail price. Each 5ml bottle has approximately 90 drops in it, & you only use a drop or three each time so they last really well, so it is really good value for money when you can get so much benefit for the whole family. Premium Starter Kit It’s important to know that when you purchase a kit through me, you also get to join the Essential Families team & get so much more than just the amazing kit. The support and friendship you will receive is worth so much! We have a team full of oil lovers, who are committed to helping everyone live a healthier lifestyle. If you sign up with me, you will get the following:

1. A community of friends who encourage and equip you on this journey!

2. Access to our team, Essential Families, private Facebook group where we can ask and share all things oily.

3. Access to “The Family Room”, a password protected resource website full of everything you need to get your business started (if you want to dive into the business side of things!)

4. Access to private, monthly, continuing educational Facebook classes and webinars. Click here for a more in depth look at the Premium Starter Kit & a few suggestions on how each of the oils can be used, or click here if you are ready to start your oily journey.

  • Do I have to sell oils?

In short, NO!

Once you purchase a starter kit you are considered a Young Living member and can purchase everything at wholesale prices which are 24% off retail. In order to continue getting wholesale prices, you only need make a £35 purchase each year. Which is super easy, as you will want to start replacing your kit oils when they start running out & there are loads of other fabulous oils & products to try too! As a member, you are NEVER pressured to buy or sell anything EVER. That is not the way our team rolls, nor is it the way Young Living does things.

There are no monthly minimums or requirements, just the £35 a year to maintain your wholesale status. If you were interested in the business side of things, then that’s great & I & the team can happily walk you through it. The Essential Families team are committed at helping each other succeed, and along with training they help provide graphics and resources to help build your business. Many of our team members have been able to see financial freedom, simply by sharing these oils that they love & use. Feel free to contact me if you would like further information.