So the last week has been pretty busy for me, after I returned from the Young Living European Convention at the weekend.
My mind has been blow & its taken till now to try & put into words some of what is in my head.
I already loved the oils & many of the other products so much, as they really do work & speak for themselves, BUT lets be honest, they are not the be all & end all of all life & will make your life perfect in every way, but they ARE a really good arsenal in your kit for helping to look after your families emotional, physical & (if it’s your thing) spiritual health.

Knowing that we have eliminated almost all harsh chemicals from our home & that I’m doing what I can to protect my children’s future health as best I can, is a good feeling. Not needing to reach for drugs for every little thing is a good feeling. We have hardly suffered from the usual day to day illnesses since using oils, & when they have showed signs of hitting we have used the oils to shorten & lessen the effects. That’s a really good feeling. Using oils to support difficult emotional times, is LITERALLY a good feeling!
You get the point 😉

What this weekend gave to me on top of all that, is finding out just how wonderful this company truly is.

I vaguely knew they had a charity foundation. I didn’t realise just how much it did in so many different countries, including the UK. You would think as a company they would talk about it more & use it as an additional selling point, but they don’t. They put the energy & time in to actually helping those in need & saving lives.
I sat with tears streaming down my face, listening to some of the stories & the genuine heartfelt love that Gary Young pours into this work.
Check out this link for more information

Meeting so many other people whose lives had also been changed by this company for the better, and for so,so many of them in serious life changing financial ways too……….& no, it’s not an illegal pyramid scheme where only the ones on the top make money. ANYONE has the potential to make large amounts of money & overtake those above them… all those above are willing you on & helping you out!
Meeting Mary Young & hearing her talk about Gary’s passion & dedication was so heart warming. She is just such a lovely, genuine woman & all those in the corporate office, seem to have been employed for similar traits. Everyone genuinely cares!

Basically I didn’t actually know my love for Young Living could grow any more, but it has HUGELY & I’m so proud to be working wth them to spread the health, wealth & happiness these oils & oil infused products can bring!

Some of our Bloom Essentials UK team that traveled to London for the European Convention.

Some of our Bloom Essentials UK team that traveled to London for the European Convention.