My wonderful Young Living team, Essential Families are holding a bootcamp, & together we are working through Debra Raybern’s book Road to Royal: Your Road Map to Success. 
One of our first challenges is to write up our Young Living story so far. Most of the people are hand writing in notebooks, but I’m a really slow writer & thought I might as well type it up as a blog post. So here goes……

Lucy Wilman (my wonderful upline & Young Living sponsor) & I had met through the baby wearing world many years ago, when we both had less children. We were both members of the early UK online community for people using baby slings (a forum originally called Rumple Bums, which then became the wonderful Natural Mamas forum).

We met at a Sling Meet (I’m guessing in 2008/2009) & were friends on Facebook for several years. Lucy then took a break from Facebook for a few years, so I was pleasantly surprised to see a friend request from her in 2014 & added her. It was soon apparent that she had joined some random company selling essential oils & was only spamming for business (of course I now know, she was just enthusiastically sharing the love!!!) & I quickly unfriended her within a few days. My annoyance was more to do with myself, as I had had a bad experience with a previous MLM (multi level marketing) & was rolling my eyes at her getting sucked into a bad business that would take her no where! (Sorry Lucy, love you really!!!!)

Skip forward to a few months later & Oliver was a small, unhappy refluxy baby & reacting to so many different foods in my milk, that we had turned to a very healthy diet. I was spending a lot of time online while breast feeding, researching the Paleo diet as many friends where having great results with it & we were virtually living it anyway. We just needed to cut out a few other grains & sugar.
While reading all these food blogs, I found that many had other more natural lifestyle options too. Like DIY cleaning products, deodorants (I have a post to write about that soon!) & toothpaste, I kept seeing mentions of Young Living essential oils, especially the Thieves blend.
I did briefly look at the costs & nearly fainted when compared to the cheap oils I could get down the health food store, so quickly dismissed it as an option.

Move on a few more months & I was still finding links all over the place to things I wanted to make & them containing Young Living oils. Combine this with a few friends that had already purchased a kit through Lucy & were raving about their results on Facebook, & then were busy pinning essential oil things on Pinterest then my interest was peaked even more.
I found Lucy again on Facebook & not long after she hosted a Facebook beginners class (contact me if you would like to attend one of these, as I do them regularly) & that was it! I excitedly told Matt all about the premium starter kit & he agreed we could find the money for it. To be honest I did think there were some oils in the kit that we would not really use. It was mostly sleep help & immune support that I was wanting, so fast forward a couple of months & we had started to run out of most of the 11 oils in the kit!!

My first Premium Starter Kit, that I had eagerly grabbed off the delivery man & had the diffuser going within 10 minuets!

My first Premium Starter Kit, that I had eagerly grabbed off the delivery man & had the diffuser going within 10 minuets!

We were using them for so many different things, from bad smells (a cat peed on our community pool table making the whole huge games room STINK!! Purification to the rescue), summer time sniffles, removing sticky patches, aching muscles from helping move 12 tonne of logs, concentration boosting blends for the boys while working on home education projects, emotional support especially for my sensitive oldest boy (the Valor blend was his absolute fave for a very long time!), helping me wake up in the morning (I am NOT a morning person in the slightest!!!). Of course they also helped with the sleep issues & boosting our immune systems. We had had a lot of illness before oils & it was magical in how much they helped!

I very quickly signed up for Essential Rewards (Young Livings monthly wellness box, where you can choose when & what you get, & get free products & points to cash in later for more free products). I was still adamant that I was not going to do it as a business, but was so impressed with how much the oils were helping us, that I couldn’t help but tell friends & family about them. I gave out lots of samples to help peoples various issues & sure enough the oils sell them selves & people were wanting to order Premium Starter Kits……& pay cheques started to arrive on our doorstep each month.

It took me awhile to accept the fact that I was kind of doing it as a business. I realised that even if I was not getting any money, I would still be sharing my excitement & love of the oils, as I just want everyone to experience the huge benefits we receive.
All though I do not have as much time as some people to put into the business side of things, due to home educating the boys & community commitments, I do hope in a few years time we will be earning enough that Matt can give up work. This is not an unrealistic dream, as many members of our teams have got to the point their Young Living wage has way out stripped what they could earn from ‘normal’ jobs, in a relatively short space of time. The kids (& me!) are dreaming that we can go back to Walt Disney World regularly!

So there you go, my Young Living story so far.