I just thought I would do a quick post about some of our more exciting home education activities from the last few weeks.

We met up with a new (to us) HE group at the Roche Services Clip And Climb centre. Tom was the only one to enjoy the climbing (Jamie gave it a quick try & Oliver refused once seeing the harnesses) & he did really well.




I took the bigger two boys to The Big Bang Science Fair at Birmingham. Despite us staying with a dear friend of mine, allowing us to do 2 full days, we still did not see everything!


The Viking science stand



The got to try several Occulas Rifts with different adventures.


Playing a laser harp


Tom really enjoyed this sand pit with height contour technology.


Discovering different death wounds on replica ancient skeletons


Tom went up on stage to make fossil fuels.


The RAF stand

I took Jamie to some free sessions run by Fab Lab Devon. The first was using Rhino CAD programme to design a plane, learning about 3D printers to make the nose weight & then building a plane from balsa wood. The second session was learning & playing with Makey Makey equipment.


Using Rhino CAD programme to design his plane


They drew their own keyboard with graphite pencils & then connected the Makey Makey to a laptop with a piano programme & could then play their drawn piano. Later they made a banana piano too.

Oliver wrote his first word that was not his name, inspired from the book The dinosaur who pooped a planet!


Paul (one of our community members) offered to teach the boys how to make charcoal sticks. Firstly, they chopped the wood into pencil sized pieces, then they hammered holes in the lid of a tin. We placed the tin in the fire & when the smoke stopped, we put nails in the holes in the lid to try & create an airless environment to create the charcoal. The boys enjoyed drawing with it once it was cooled & Paul even took it to an art class he went too!




I had a day looking after 3 extra children & they decided they wanted to make magic wands. We went & cut some fresh willow sticks, that the kids whittled down. They then decorated them with coloured hot glue sticks & some gemstones from my jewellery making supplies.



Whittling the willow sticks



Glueing on a genstone


Tom proudly showing off his finished wand!