VIDEO- intro to essential oils, how to use & opening of the UK starter kit

Knowing that many of my friends & family are all over the world & can not make my in-house classes & that different people learn in different ways, then I wanted to make a video run through of the U.K. Premium Starter Kit, for those people further away who can’t get to my in house classes. It has details of how to use essential oils, ideas for uses of the 11 oils in the kit & how to use the diffuser.

When you buy a kit through me, then I am more to happy to help you learn. The last thing I want is you stuffing the box away, feeling over whelmed. You can also be added to our super supportive & rapidly growing UK based team, Bloom Essentials, & the bigger US team of Essential Families. So tons of extra support & learning.
I have a whole page on here with detailed instructions about how to sign up, but this is the link with my personal number